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Are you looking for a Locksmith in or around Wakefield? We here at Locksmiths Wakefield provide many different services around the local area and have been successfully keeping our customer’s property safe for years on end! We offer every locksmith service from Key Cutting all the way to HD CCTV System installation at a competitive price for out customers. We are happy to say that we’ve never let one of our customers down and their safety has always and will always be our number one priority! Find more information on al of the different services we provide below…

The best way to protect your home from any burglaries/break-ins is to have a working and reliable lock on every entrance. We are able to provide locks that fit on both doors and windows to deter vandals. It is more than likely that if somebody knows you have working locks they will choose a different property to target; however, if they still decide to try and get into your home/business your insurance should cover any damages and missing property as there will be a sign of forced entry! We are able to provide many different types of lock such as EuroCylinder and Anti-Snap which are extremely hard to get past. If any of the locks in your property have been damaged or are broken we are also qualified to fix any damaged locks; this will be much cheaper than purchasing new ones so you may want to consider both options. All of our vans travel with the correct Key cutting equipment so that we can provide brand new keys for our customers on site, so if need a new/spare key don’t forget to let us know!

If you’re looking for an even more reliable source of protection (not to say that locks aren’t still vital) then an alarm and or CCTV security system could fit right into your home. While you’re away from your property whether you’re on holiday, at work, or anywhere else in the world you may decide to visit you don’t want to be worrying about the possibility of somebody breaking into your home or business. An up to date and working alarm system will eradicate this worry instantly. If anyone tries to break into you home they will trip an alarm which will not only notify you no matter where in the world you maybe, but will also, almost instantly notify the police and send them to your address! Plus if a burglar sees that your home has an alarm system they will probably choose a different property to target.

Having an HD CCTV system is also a great way to deter vandals and is key if you own a large business. If your property has lots of valuable items inside (for example an office filled with computers or a Jewelry store) then it is likely that a burglar will see your business as a prime target, that is if you don’t have the correct security measures in place. CCTV helps the police identify criminals as you can use the images to work out an estimate for their size, weight and much more!

Here at Locksmiths Wakefield, we are all qualified Emergency Locksmiths which mean we are able to provide any of our services at any time of the day or night. This could be a life saver for many people as if you lose your keys, leave them inside or anything else we will be able to come and let you into your home and give you the option to get a spare key cut at the same time! Most people who call us late at night have been burgled and need their locks fixing or a replacement, if this is the case then we are always ready and aim to get to every customer within half an hour.

We also offer free no obligation quotes on all of our services, so if you aren’t sure about getting a new CCTV system or even a new lock on your window give us a call and we will come take a look and give you an estimated price. If you’re happy with our number then work usually starts within a week depending on our schedule. If you are a property owner we also provide keypad systems and card swipe systems that can be used to secure larger buildings which need to be opened and closed as day and night whilst being safe and secure.

Making sure your property/s are secure is massively important, especially when you’re running a business. You don’t want to be worrying about somebody breaking into your home while your not there and with the help of our services you will no longer have to worry! We hope to hear from you in the future should you need any locksmith Wakefield services and don’t be afraid to send us an E-mail if you have any unanswered questions.

Locksmith Wakefield