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Are you living in/around Manchester and in need of a professional and affordable Locksmith? Manchester locksmiths are here and waiting to provide our fantastic services to the amazing people of Manchester and have been for many years. We know how important keeping your property/s safe and secure is as you’ve worked your whole life to get everything that is inside. Whether it be your business or home we are confident that we can successfully secure everything inside these properties, there are many different ways to do this from brand new locks to high quality HD CCTV systems. Our goal is to help all our customers gain better piece of mind, so that they don’t have to worry about somebody trying to break into their home, and we’re proud to say that we’ve always had fantastic customer feedback and provide the cheapest price possible.

We provide a fantastic key cutting service; each one of our work vans is kitted out with all the equipment needed to cut any type of key from Master keys to Yale Superiors we have you covered. If you need a spare key for the neighbor give us a call and if we’re in the local area we will come and cut it by the end of the day otherwise we will have to make an appointment. Although if you are in need of any of our other fantastic services then make sure you remember to ask for any keys cutting if you need some!

Protecting your home/business is something that should be important to every property owner, there are a few was to do this. If you haven’t already the best way to do so in our opinion is to have working and new locks on all entrances to the building (doors and windows). This will persuade burglars and other criminals away from your property in the first place. Plus if somebody does try to get into your property there will be signs of forced entry which will be a massive aid in your case against the insurance company which means any missing property will have to be replaced. The cost of new locks is nothing in comparison to the damage a break in could cause if your home/business isn’t secured properly!

We are able to provide and install many different types of lock for different doors and windows in/around your property. You wouldn’t use the same lock on your front door as you would for the bathroom as it would be a massive waste of money! Everything from Wall mounted locks to Deadbolts are available and you can pick whichever lock is best for your home and price range. We also provide Electronic locks which are ideal for anyone looking to secure Apartments, flats or the home of their business as multiple people can gain access to the building at any time and it will still be safe and secure if anyone who doesn’t know the code tries to enter. Although we wouldn’t recommend these for a family home they could be perfect for a shared house!

In case of a break in, slammed door, snapped key or anything else we can also fix locks for a smaller price. Although we would usually recommend getting a replacement because if the lock has been broken once what’s to stop the same from happening again? It may be the cheaper option at that moment in time but could end up coming back to sting you in the future!

All of our staff members are qualified Emergency Locksmiths Manchester which allows then to help our customers in their time of need. Imagine if you came back from holiday to realize that you locked your keys inside don’t panic! One of our team members will be ready to come and let you inside you home no matter what hour of the day/night it is! Because all of our vans are kitted out with up to date key cutting equipment maybe that would be the ideal time to get a new key cut so the neighbor can have one; an easy way to avoid future emergencies. There are some things you can simply do nothing about, for example if you came home to find out that somebody has broken into your home you wouldn’t want to wait around all night for us to come and fit a new lock (or fix the old one). We aim to be with every customer around Manchester within an hour and rarely let any of our customers down.

With improvements in technology making everything cheaper by the day it might be about time you took another step to improve the security of your home and/or business! Alarm and CCTV systems are a great way to cover a large surface area and shouldn’t be underestimated. Alarm systems are able to monitor your property for any movement. If something moves (door opens, somebody enters etc) then the alarm will sound. An alert will be sent to the owner and if programmed to then the police; however we wouldn’t recommend setting it to this as alarms are often tripped accidentally and you don’t want to waste the polices’ time. If everybody in the local area can hear the sound as well as you being sent an alert that should give you enough time to work our whether or not it was a real problem! A CCTV system will make this process much easier also (more below). If a criminal sees that your property has a new alarm system it is more than likely they will choose a different target and if they do attempt to get inside then you will be instantly alerted!

CCTV systems are becoming more popular by the day, especially with business’ looking to protect valuable goods or money! Anything that does take place will be recorded and can be used by the authorities as well as help in your battle against the insurance company. Plus if a burglar knows that everything he does will be recorded and sent to the police, again it’s very likely he will pick a different target. HD CCTV systems have seen a massive drop in price in recent years thanks to massive leaps in technology; we are now able to offer this extra level of security at unbelievable prices. Certain systems have motion detectors and night vision built in these are features which could easily benefit you or your home/business in the case of a break in!

We offer free, no obligation estimate fee’s on all of our services, whether you want one security camera or new locks on every entrance to your home one of our team members would be delighted to come and give you a quote for the overall cost of our services. Although we must say that we’re the most reliable and affordable locksmith Manchester and will not be beaten on quality! Plus can you really put a price on the safety and security of your home and/or business?

Thank you for reading and we hope that you’ve learnt everything you needed to about our services. If you have any further questions don’t be afraid to give us a call or send us an E-mail!




Locksmith Manchester