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Are you in need of a locksmith in or around the city of Liverpool? Look no further as we are the number one choice for any locksmith services in this area. Having worked in the business for years we are confident that we can make each and every one of our customers home’s safer! From Alarm systems to key cutting we are able to provide every locksmith service no matter the difficulty, time of day or any other factors. Keeping your property whether it be your business or home, safe and secure is one of the main problems for many people. We will go over all of the services we offer in more detail below…

Each one of our service vans is kitted out with all the equipment needed to cut keys. Whether it’s time to trust your little one with a key or you simply need a spare for the neighbors to keep, we can provide as many keys as you need! From Master keys to padlock keys, we have the equipment to cut many different key types.

In our opinion, there is no better way to secure your home than to ensure that there are working locks on all entrances(doors and windows). If a burglar does decide to try and target your home/property they will have to force their way in. Not only will it be hard to break inside in the first place, but if they are to succeed there should be signs of forced entry. This will be a massive aid in your case against the insurance company!

We are able to provide and install many different types of the lock from Anti-snap to wall mounted locks. These are all designed for different purposes; for example, you wouldn’t find an anti-snap lock on your bathroom door, although one could be found on your front door. Although in most cases we would recommend getting new locks we are able to fix broken/faulty ones. But if they have been broken once what’s to stop the same from happening again? There is no doubt in our mind that all entrances in your home being covered by a modern and secure lock will give you peace of mind when you’re not at home. Who wants to worry about their property not being adequately protected whilst on holiday, having a meal, enjoying a gig or anything else people may do in their free time?

With advancements in technology also allowing our to pick up better, cheaper and more effective CCTV and Alarm systems, we would be silly no to capitalize on this opportunity! A modern n alarm system is one of if not the number 1 deterrent for any criminal. If they target your house only to find that as soon as they even attempt to enter the property an alarm will sound; it will make them think twice! Plus if somebody still decides to try and burgle your home everybody in the local area will hear your alarm sounding (including yourself). Most systems send an alert to the property owner as soon as the alarm is tripped and can even be set so that the police are notified. However, we wouldn’t recommend this as sometimes alarms are accidentally tripped and you wouldn’t want to waste emergency services time!

If you own a large business/property an Alarm system could be the ideal way to protect a large area. Although a CCTV system is also a great way to do this. Not only will you have video evidence of anything that may happen but an HD CCTV system is probably the biggest deterrent for criminals as they know that all of their actions will be recorded and given to the authorities! CCTV systems have had a massive drop in price recently so right now might be the best time to get one for your home/business.

All of our team members are also qualified emergency locksmiths Liverpool, in other words, we are able to provide any of our services no matter the time of day or night! If you come home to find that somebody has broken in you don’t want to have to stay up overnight waiting for a locksmith Liverpool to come and fix the existing or install new locks. Our goal is to reach every customer in/around Liverpool within an hour of their call. This way you can get back to feeling safe and secure inside your home as quickly as possible!

We offer free, no obligation quotes on ALL of our services. Whether you need a new lock or whole CCTV and Alarm system one of our staff will be happy to visit you at your home and give you an estimated price. If you are happy with our charge then work will usually start within a week dependent on our schedule. So if you aren’t sure about the cost of one of our services then don’t be afraid to give us a call. But can you really put a price on keeping you home (and therefore what’s inside it)?

Thank you for reading and if you have any further questions about our services or operating area feel free to give us a call, or send us an E-mail!

Locksmith Liverpool