Locksmith Harrogate

We are the number 1 option when it comes to picking a locksmith in Harrogate. We have successfully cut thousands of keys over the years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We provide many different services from cutting house keys to alarm system installations we’re here and waiting to help make your home safer!

Our services are available throughout Harrogate and the surrounding areas. An up to date alarm system will protect every part of your home/business and is one of the best investments any property owner can make. Whilst on holiday, at work, on a date or anything else you do in your spare time; you won’t have to worry about the safety of your property.

We have been helping people secure their homes for years and are also qualified Emergency Locksmiths. This means should you ever have any problems (Burglary, locked out etc) we will be available no matter what hour of the day/night. If you find your lock in broken when going to bed at 1 am we will still be ready to come and install a new one.

There are many ways to catch out burglars with all of the technology available nowadays, but the most effective in our opinion is still to have locks on all of the entrances to your house; leaving the vandal with no option but to pick a different property or try to break a lock. If they decide to try and break a lock this should set off your alarm system (if you have one) and will be covered by insurance if any items go missing. Again should your property be broken into at any hour give us a call and we will send one of our Emergency locksmiths to install a new lock within minutes!

If you’re considering getting new locks, keys, an alarm system or any of our other products/services but don’t know how much it would cost. Don’t worry we will come to your property and give you a free quote. If you are happy with the price the work will usually start within a week or two depending on our schedule. If you don’t like our pricing/can’t afford new locks then you’re not obligated to have to employ our services.

We can also come on the check on the existing locks in your home for a set price, this makes it very easy for you to ensure your home is fully protected. If there is anything that needs updating/replacing then you will be told, as well as advising what could be installed make your property safer. If you need a security box to store all of your valuables in then Harrogate Locksmiths are for you!

Locksmith Harrogate