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Isn’t it about time you got new locks on all the entrances to your home? Fixed that dodgy bathroom door lock? Properly protected your garden+shed? If you’re in need of any locksmith Dewsbury then look no further. We are an experienced and professional company looking to make each one of our customer’s home/business more secure. We are confident that everybody can benefit from one our services whether you need a new lock or want a whole CCTV system for your business. We will go over all of the services we provide in more detail below. Don’t keep on putting the protection of home/business out of the picture or it may end up costing you more in the long run!

The first of our services we will go over is our key cutting service, we can cut many different types of keys on site and are happy to cut multiple keys in one session. All of our work vans are kitted out with up to date key cutting equipment so if you’re in need of a new lock, CCTV system or anything else and realize you don’t have a spare key make sure you remember to ask us whilst we’re there. This will save you lots of money in the long run and should make it easier for our staff to stay organized. All of our keys come at a great price and can be picked up for even less when you buy in bulk!

We truly believe that there is nothing more important than securing your home or business and everything that’s inside of it. If you don’t already have it our first and main piece of advice would be to get insurance! This way if anything does go wrong you are protected. The next thing to do is make sure every entrance to your property has an appropriate and working lock to protect it. This way if somebody does try to break into your property there will be signs of forced entry; these will be of massive aid in your case against the insurance company. New locks will also provide a piece of mind, whilst you’re out and about you don’t need to be worrying about somebody breaking in through that window with the dodgy lock you should instead be concentrated on having fun.

From Anti-snap to simple Shed locks there is a lock for every door and window in your property. Many people forget just how important the protection of their home/business and everything inside it is. For a small cast, we are able to provide and install many different locks which we are going to help secure your home for years to come and stop anyone from being able to easily gain access. If you own a business or shared housing then electronic locks may be the better option for you. Electronic locks allow multiple people to gain access to a property without having to have a key. Not only will this save you on the money of getting keys cut all the time but should make it easier for you to change the lock (in other words the code). Because there are no keys involved this lock will also be pick proof in case you’re worried about somebody trying to break in. The only problem is many people are very forgetful and end up forgetting the code if this is the case make sure you’ve sent it in a text to everybody that’s going to need it; this way they can just look at their phone to remind themselves of the number!

All of our Locksmiths Dewsbury are also able to help you in your time of need. No matter the hour each one of our employees is qualified to come and provide our fantastic Locksmith services around Dewsbury. There are many cases In which you would need an Emergency locksmith the main calls we get are from people who have had break-ins to their home/business. If you get home from holiday to realize that someone has broken into your home and stolen some of your property the last thing you will want to do is stay up all night waiting for a Locksmith to come and repair any damages. We aim to be with every customer around Dewsbury within 30 minutes and understand just how important time can when these incidents occur. It could be something as simple as you’ve lost your keys and need to be let into your own home, as long as you can prove that it’s your property we can let you in and cut you a new key then and there!

With technology becoming more advanced on an almost daily basis there have been some massive strides in improving the quality and precision on CCTV and Alarm systems. If you have already properly secured your property using high-quality locks then this is the next best thing. Because there has been a massive influx of companies competing in this market prices have seen a sharp fall in recent years. All of these factors combined mean that this is the ideal time for you to get your very own system. Whether you want an HD CCTV security camera set up to protect all of the valuables in your business or an Alarm system to protect your home we are ready and waiting to provide and install these.

An alarm system is a relatively cheap and easy way to cover a large area without making it too obvious. They are a good deterrent as if somebody notices you have an alarm system it is very likely that they will pick a different property to try and burgle. If anyone does decide to break into your property the alarm system will sound alerting everybody in the local area as well as sending a message to the property owner. You can get systems that will alert the police when the alarm is tripped although we wouldn’t recommend setting it to these settings as they are often tripped accidentally.

CCTV systems are one of if not the best form of 24-hour protection and deterrent. If a burglar knows that you have an HD CCTV system and all of their actions will be recorded and sent to the police it’s likely they will choose a different building. If anything is to happen you have proof for the insurance companies and evidence for the police force which could be a massive help in catching the burglar! CCTV systems can record throughout the day and night as well as work as motion detectors.

We offer free no obligation quotes on all of our services and are always happy to come and give our customers an estimated price. Whether you need a couple of Keys cutting or want a full Alarm and CCTV system with installation one of our team members will be more than happy to come to your property and evaluate the overall cost of the work you need doing as well as the products you require.  Although in our opinion there is no price you can put on the safety and protection of everything inside of you home and/or business!

We hope that you have learned everything that you needed to about the services we provide and areas in which we provide them. Thanks for reading and if you have any further questions don’t be afraid to give us a call or send us an E-mail.

Locksmith Dewsbury